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WHOIS lookup result for btwin.com.lv

Domain: btwin.com.lv
Status: active
Type: Legal person
Address: 4 bd de Mons, Villeneuve d Ascq, FR, 59650, France
RegNr: None
Visit: https://www.nic.lv/whois/contact/btwin.com.lv to contact.
Type: Natural person
Visit: https://www.nic.lv/whois/contact/btwin.com.lv to contact.
Type: Legal person
Name: Gandi SAS
Address: 63-65 boulevard Massena, Paris, 75013, France
RegNr: 423093459
Visit: https://www.nic.lv/whois/contact/btwin.com.lv to contact.
Nserver: ns-165-a.gandi.net
Nserver: ns-208-b.gandi.net
Nserver: ns-241-c.gandi.net
Updated: 2024-07-18T17:12:28.247237+00:00
% The WHOIS service is provided solely for informational purposes.
% It is permitted to use the WHOIS service only for technical or administrative
% needs associated with the operation of the Internet or in order to contact
% the domain name holder over legal problems.
% Requestor will not use information obtained using WHOIS:
% * To allow, enable or in any other way to support sending of unsolicited mails (spam)
% * for any kind of advertising
% * to disrupt Internet stability and security
% It is not permitted to obtain (including copying) or re-use in any form or
% by any means all or quantitatively or qualitatively significant part
% of the WHOIS without NIC's express permission.

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With the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Gandi.net and the domain name industry as a whole, have had to adapt how personal data in the WHOIS database is handled and made available to the public.

Consequently, we are committed to ensuring that we no longer publish personal data within our WHOIS domain lookup service unless the person specifically wishes it to be public. Depending on the registry of the domain name extension, we will continue to provide non-personal data such as company names, technical information about the sponsoring registrar, the domain's registration status, creation data, and expiration date.

Learn more about WHOIS privacy under GDPR at Gandi.net

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